Ship Repair & Technical Services

Supporting Major Project with Advanced Maintenance Technology

MOL Techno-Trade Asia Pte. Ltd. offers ship repair and technical services for ships, marine and offshore industries since 1990. MOL Tech Asia undertakes any types of repair, maintenance and technical services for hull, deck, engine, bridge, cargo equipment and systems.

For all repairs we use only the best quality and original spare parts to provide reliable remedy to keep your ships safe and in the business.

We are committed to delivering each service with our highly skilled, trained and motivated team of experts who are in operation 24hrs a day. Helping your vessel operate efficiently and profitably and with full compliance.

What We Can Do

We deliver a range of technical services to ship owners in areas from dry docking supervision and pre-purchase inspections to new-building technical compliances and ship maintenance supervision.

MOL Tech Asia is committed to provide including but not limited to following services :

General Services

  • Valve Remote Control System
  • Level Gauge System for “Cargo, Ballast & Draft Gauge
  • Air Purge Level Gauge System for “Cargo, Ballast & Draft Gauge.
  • Pressure Sensor Level Gauge System for “ Ballast Tanks” ( Utsuki )
  • Pressure, Temperature & Pneumatic Transmitter ( YOKOGAWA )
  • Digital Indicating, Temperature, Programmable Indicating, Digital Indicating & Pneumatic Controller ( YOKOGAWA )
  • Remote Pressure Indication System
  • FO Viscosity Control System
  • Main Engine & Diesel Generator
  • Elevator Inspection, Repair & Servicing

Safety Equipment Services

  • Medical Oxygen Resuscitator
  • Annual Service for Inflatable Lifejacket
  • Annual Service for SCBA & Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Annual Service for Foam Analysis and Calibration on Pressure & Temperature Gauges
  • Fixed Gas Detector
  • Air Quality Test for BA Compressor

Other Arrangement Services

  • Flowmeter Calibration
  • Cow Machine Overhauling
  • Assist Superintendent in Dry Docking Arrangement
  • Introduce Superintendent for Dry Docking
  • Spare Parts Supplies Arrangement as per Case-By-Case Basis
  • Generator Inspection & Overhaul
  • 440v Switch Board Maintenance on inspection, testing, repair & trouble shooting
  • Car Lifter Inspection & Maintenance

Our Catalogue

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