Company Overview

As the core trading company of MOL Group, MOL Techno-Trade Asia Pte. Ltd. provides various kind of products and services, including Ship Stores and Spare Parts supplies, Lubricating Oils and Engineering services for a wide range of vessels.

Providing added value by utilizing the MOL Group network

We are a technology-specialized trading company in the MOL Group, one of the world’s largest shipping companies, and respond to all kinds of requirements at sea and on land utilizing our technology and proposal capabilities.

We promise our know-how cultivated over the years, group networks, and our spirit of “Challenge” will bring our customers satisfaction and further added value.


To be the No.1 technology-specialized trading company in terms of environmental protection and safety-related business, especially in the field of maritime affairs.


We will actively offer value-added service to our customers and suppliers through innovative and original works.

As a core member of the MOL Group, we will;

No:. 1

Offer high-quality products, technologies, and services that meet customer needs.

No:. 2

Aspire to increase corporate value by complying with all applicable laws, treaties, regulations, and standards, and by promoting an open and visible management style.

No:. 3

Strive to ensure safety and protect the environment in all our business activities.


Innovate through insight

Proactively develop business opportunities by staying ahead of the curve.
Make innovation for the further growth of the company.


Do the right thing

Keep compliance as a Top Priority.
Ensure that actions comply with social norms and the highest ethical standards.


Commit to acting with a sense of ownership

Tackle tasks with a sense of ownership and in cooperation with stakeholders.


Gain the trust of stakeholders

See things from the customers’ perspective, and deliver service that exceeds their expectations.
Seize the initiative in social issues and take responsibility for your behavior.


Build a strong team

Encourage open communication with mutual respect.
Share knowledge, experience, expertise and skills, and foster the next generation.


Pursue the world’s highest level of safety culture

Maintain a safety-first attitude and strive to reinforce safety awareness.
Return to basics by comprehending workplace safety.

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